Client: Gillette
Country: United States
Placement: Retail
Interaction: Videos


For promoting a new line of razors, Gillette wanted to breathe new life into their traditional print campaign. They wanted to entice users to take action on the ad, while providing them with video and product info to facilitate the path to purchase.


Gillette placed ScanLife powered QR Codes on various Gillette print ads, each featuring one of three different models, including Kate Upton. The code contained a strong call to action – “How does Kate Upton like her man’s body styled? Read her mind”. When scanned, the code delivered an exclusive video interview of the respective model, as well as key product info and an option to buy now. The campaign generated high scan rates, increased product sales and gave Gillette a new found mobile presence. The ads were a perfect of example of how effective QR Codes can be when the call to action is clear and the content is compelling. Kudos to Gillette!