Client: Taco Bell
Country: United States
Placement: Media
Interaction: Downloadable Content


Taco Bell needed an innovative way to promote their sponsorship of the Video Music Awards, and share access to exclusive content right from their product.


QR Codes were placed on millions of Taco Bell’s "Big Box Remixed" packages and large cups around the US. The codes linked to exclusive Video Music Award content that could only be accessed through the code including video teasers, artist interviews and performance footage. In addition, the content was updated weekly to give return users the best experience and reward them for scanning again. The execution generated over 400,000 scans in a six week period, and was a highlighted case study at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Taco Bell also learned valuable data about their scan audience, like 59% were male, 13% were repeat users (scanned the codes more than once throughout the campaign) and what its top cities scanning were.