dcoupon empowers brands with mobile coupon solutions to reach and understand shoppers like never before.

A multi-brand, multi-retailer platform built for in-store and online shopping experiences.

dcoupon is disrupting mobile couponing as we know it today. For the first time brands have more control over spend and greater visibility into attribution and true return on investment of couponing and loyalty campaigns. A state-of-the-art couponing service that enables brands to create and offer an unlimited number of coupon campaigns, which can be redeemed at any retailer connected to the service. A pay for performance business model based on coupon redemptions, dcoupon tracks distribution of a coupon or reward to consumer and through to final store redemption—true sales attribution tracking that the industry has been demanding. It provides brands with powerful actionable customers’ insights that help optimize campaigns and target consumers based on shopping behaviors independently of place of purchase.

Energize your business with Scanbuy’s dCoupon

  • Digital coupon creation, management and redemption
  • Universal, cloud-based platform solution
  • No POS hardware changes required
  • Works on any smartphone
  • No fraud, single-use digital coupons
  • No consumer app requirement

Leverage investment with measurable results.

  • Pay only for performance (fee per redeemed coupon)
  • Leverage advertising spend in traditional, digital and social media
  • Measure attribution of sales tracking media used to distribute the redeemed coupons
  • Enable segmentation and personalization of mobile couponing campaigns
  • Integrate with CRM

Gain efficiency, cost savings and new revenue generation.

  • No additional hardware investment
  • Revenue sharing
  • Automated paperless next-day clearing
  • Drive results in physical and online stores
  • Reduce costs for managing manufacturers’ promotions by automating all processes in the mobile couponing cycle
  • Get real-time redemption analytics with transparent settlement

Consumer enjoy a better experience.

  • Access coupons by clicking URLs or scanning promotional QR Codes
  • No app download required
  • Store coupons in a cloud account
  • Redeem all valid coupons simultaneously at checkout

Monitor campaign activities based on real-data results.

  • Real time statistics and detailed analytics
  • Detailed visual analytics of coupon acquisition and redemption
  • Get automated daily or weekly emails with metrics
  • Download PDF of performance reporting