Scanbuy Data Rights Request Portal

Welcome to the Scanbuy Data Rights Request Portal (the “Portal”) for information requests regarding Scanbuy’s collection or use of your personal information. Our Data business processes online activity data from multiple online sources to help companies provide you with a more relevant advertising experience. In the ordinary course of our Data business, we may have processed some of your information. Any request that you make in this Portal will only be applicable to your information, if any, that we have processed as a result of our Data business. To learn more about your privacy rights, click here. We require reasonable confirmation of an individual’s identity before we can give effect to your request, any information collected in the course of processing your request will only be used to effectuate your privacy choices. Please provide the requested information so that we can reasonably verify your identity and process your request.
Thank you.

Confirm Request(s):

The information we use to reasonably verify a consumer’s identity to effectuate their privacy choices is their Mobile Advertising Identifier (Google’s “Advertising ID,” Apple’s “IDFA”). Depending on your device you may or may not be able to locate your MAID without the use of third-party apps; we are not responsible for the privacy practices of these third-party apps, and any reference to a third-party app is provided solely for your convenience. We encourage you to check the privacy policies of all third-party apps you may choose to use.

To locate your MAID on iOS, the simplest way is to use a third-party app, such as The Identifiers. These apps display a device’s MAID, so all you have to do is install and open to see your IDFA.

To locate your MAID on Android, follow these steps: Settings > Privacy > Advanced > Ads

Upon receipt of your MAID and verification of your identity, we will give effect to your privacy choice within the required period as measured from the date you submit this request.