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Developed by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and Food Marketing Institute (FMI), and adopted by the Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC), SmartLabel is an industry-wide consumer products goods initiative supported by over 70,000 products— and growing each month. SmartLabel provides consumers with complete access to ingredients, nutritional facts, advisories, your larger sustainability story, regulatory mandates and so much more. Consumers simply scan QR Codes on product packages or search online to gain instant connections to brand approved information. Facts are clearly presented on a landing page in a consistent format across all product lines.


SmartLabel addresses a growing need from health-conscious consumers demanding a complete understanding of the products their families consume and use, and SmartLabel website pages combined with on-pack QR Codes invite them to dig beyond the information that can fit on the package label. No matter what your company size, we have the technology, vast experience and breadth of knowledge to help you navigate the process and to quickly get you to market with SmartLabel.

SmartLabel Landing Pages

SmartLabel 2.0 compliant, pages are mobile responsive, include historic edit tracking, and engagement analytics. When specifications change, Scanbuy updates page templates to comply with requirements. Product attribute delivery and upload is completely customized based on your systems. Platform features include advance ingredient dictionary management, flexible portfolio administration, multireview/approval process flows and multilanguage page publishing to support Canada and the US implementations.

QR Code Package Activation

Convert your product packages into a completely dynamic experience, giving consumers access to information with a simple scan of the SmartLabel QR Code. Thousands of packages are activated with Scanbuy QR Codes delivering consumers to a unique digital identity for every single SmartLabel package. Scanbuy delivers print-ready QR Codes for all package types and print processes. QR Codes can be embedded with editable URLs or digital links.

Multi-Purpose Digital Link QR Codes

Scanbuy delivers a single QR Code that can manage consumer facing and internal operations—all from the same exact QR Code. No longer does a product require a consumer-facing QR Code for transparency and regulatory mandates, another for marketing and a third for internal-facing tracking, traceability and POS. By providing products with a unique identity, we can deliver visibility and insights into all stages of the product lifecycle.

SmartLabel Menu Pages

Create mobile responsive Menu Pages—no coding or developer skills needed. Templates are SmartLabel compliant with precision design features for both BE and non-BE products. When specifications change, Scanbuy updates page templates to comply with requirements. One-click page cloning allows for publish and unpublishing with ease. Platform allows for SmartLabel Landing page header grab to align Menu Page with the exact SmartLabel Landing Page.

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