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ScanLife for Developers is Here

by david
We're very happy to announce our new developer's program today called ScanLife Innovation Exchange.   Over the years, we have received ideas from hundreds of businesses with unique and exciting ways to use this technology.  The Innovation Exchange will give everyone access to the most comprehensive set of tools to easily develop custom mobile barcode applications and services while leveraging the existing ScanLife core products. Some of the key products include:
  • SDKs to include a barcode scanner in your own Android or iPhone app (both a callable and a new embedded version)
  • An Enterprise version of the ScanLife app which can be used instead of the SDK for those that don't want to develop their own apps (available to Java, BlackBerry, Windows, and Symbian)
  • Separate REST API's that allow you to Create, Edit, and get Reports on multiple 2D code formats like QR, Datamatrix and EZcode
  • Printer SDK to convert unique EZcodes into a TrueType font to print from any ink-jet printer
These tools can be used individually in certain cases, or they can be combined to build a completely custom mobile barcode system.  It's really up to you to decide what is best for your project requirements. With over 700% growth in the space, we believe this is the perfect time to make this available, and we have really just scratched the surface of how this technology can be used. Thanks for your continued support, and keep the great ideas coming!!

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