Scanbuy Official Blog: 2016/11

Learn more about the latest mobile marketing and trends for big data technology in the retail industry.

Proximity Marketing: The New “P” in Marketing Today

by Irene George

    For the longest time, it’s always been just the 4 P’s in Marketing: product, placement, promotion, and price.  But these days, with all the advancements and integration of technology in marketing messages, it now includes the 5th P, proximity.  It’s a way marketers can deliver messages to consumers in real time.  For example, let’s take a look at the current app market and the way social media has had a major influence on the way apps are created. Check-in apps like…

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Using ScanLife To Save Money On Black Friday, Holiday Shopping, And Beyond

by Erick Solis

Ever look at a product and instantly feel that you can get a better deal on it somewhere else? Well, chances are you’re probably right. To save you the hassle of driving to local stores or aimlessly searching the web for the lowest prices, we’ve built the ScanLife mobile app. ScanLife is a shopping companion that will let you quickly find the best prices this Black Friday and holiday shopping season. With a simple scan of a product barcode, you’ll unlock low prices available to you…

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The Best Shopping Apps To Compare Prices

PC MagThe Best Shopping Apps To Compare Prices, November 23, 2016
These services let you know if the item before you is a deal or no deal before you make a costly mistake. When standing before a shelf of rapidly selling must-have gifts, there's no need to phone a friend frantically to make sure you're getting the lowest price possible; your phone can tell you.

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Avoid Bad ‘Deals’ On Black Friday And Beyond: How To Video

CNETAvoid Bad ‘Deals’ On Black Friday And Beyond: How To Video, November 21, 2016
Don't be fooled by the flashy ads and "doorbuster" deals, here are four things you should look for before you pull the trigger on a purchase.

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Neutronian Announces That Scanbuy Has Earned Its Data Quality Certification

Neutronian launches Data Privacy Scoring of over 3,000 publishers, brands, ad platforms, retailers, and data providers

Scanbuy Announces ExtendedAudiences(TM) Act-Alike Audience Extensions of CPG Consumer Purchase Data, Powered by Diveplane


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