Scanbuy Official Blog: 2018/03

Learn more about the latest mobile marketing and trends for big data technology in the retail industry.

Transparency a top theme at Future Food-Tech conference

Baking BusinessTransparency a top theme at Future Food-Tech conference, March 27, 2018
While many emerging innovations may transform the future of food, such technologies must be communicated to consumers early and often.

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Scanbuy CEO Perspective:  That’s right—QR Codes are hotter than ever!

by chaioutmezguine

We live in a digital world where consumers now live in the moment. They want access information when and where they want. With the prevalence of Smartphones over the last 10 years, consumers now have a tremendous amount of information right at their fingertips, freeing them from the need to travel to multiple stores to research a purchase. The question is how can brands take advantage of this new digital world to shape consumers’ decisions? One thing is for sure—marketers that have…

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Scanbuy Data Insights

by chuckennis

Scanbuy is a leading provider of mobile engagement solutions to some of the world’s largest global brands. We have over 10 years of US mobile consumer behavior, demographic, location and identity data. Our platform uses machine learning algorithms to generate deep learning insights on the likely shopping behaviors of 300M US consumers. We organized millions of consumers into neat groups so you can target just the right person at exactly the right time—data which is 100% deterministic. We…

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Recent News

Neutronian Announces That Scanbuy Has Earned Its Data Quality Certification

Neutronian launches Data Privacy Scoring of over 3,000 publishers, brands, ad platforms, retailers, and data providers

Scanbuy Announces ExtendedAudiences(TM) Act-Alike Audience Extensions of CPG Consumer Purchase Data, Powered by Diveplane


Learn about Scanbuy's passion for consumer engagement

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