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Coke uses QR Codes to Kick Off the Euro Cup

by david
To promote the popular EURO 2012 Tournament, Coca Cola has been using ScanLife powered QR Codes on millions of packages throughout Spain. Never before has a major brand used ScanLife on a scale quite like this! The codes are connecting users to a series of exclusive videos around the event. People can also download the 'SmileWorld' app, Coke's new mobile social network. Below you can watch the TV spot that is currently running in Spain which is getting their fans to scan, and scan a lot!

"Thanks to intelligent QR Codes from the ScanLife platform we are able to constantly surprise our consumers with new content, strengthen our position in the mobile space, and understand what interests our consumers."  said Paco Rodríguez, Digital Manager at Coca-Cola.

Read the full press release. Additional Coverage: So while you're cheering for your favorite team, scan the Coke can below for some additional video to go along with the game!

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