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What’s Behind a QR Code Scan? Your Most Important Customers

by david
We often get asked about the effectiveness of QR Code campaigns and one of the first questions is always about the number of scans it received.  In a world of click obsession, we often forget about what a scan actually means and why it happened.  Of course the number of scans varies from a few hundred to literally millions - but regardless of the total, the value of a scan is the same. A person scanning is highly interested in what a marketer is "selling", and a QR Code gives that person a way to convert interest into action.  So the initial scan is just the beginning, and now you need to deliver valuable, mobile formatted content that will make it simple to take further action whether that be watching a video demo, Liking you on Facebook, or even buying a product. To help our customers understand post-scan behavior, we're excited to add another valuable piece  of business intelligence to the ScanLife platform. Any ScanLife business customer that creates mobile landing pages from our platform, can now look at click-tracking data generated from those pages. To reinforce the importance of a scan, we sampled over 200 ScanLife QR Codes across all different verticals which proves that people are highly interested in your message. Results showed the average engagement from scan to click was 62%, and only 5% of all codes scanned saw no clicks at all. Now that's some good conversion! If you're still hesitant to invest in mobile formatted content, consider these jarring new statistics from Google:
  • - 75% of people prefer a mobile friendly site when browsing from a mobile device (make your content mobile!)
  • - 67% of mobile users say that when they visit a mobile-friendly site, they're most likely to buy a site's product or service (they are ready to take action!)
If you'd like to learn more about Click Tracking or to discuss other ways for smarter mobile engagement, please contact us at    

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