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‘Tis the Season to be Scanning [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Ben B.
To celebrate the busiest scanning season of the year, we are thrilled to bring you the Mobile Barcode Trend Report: Holiday Shopping Edition for 2012.  This Edition illustrates the dramatic growth in scanning as compared to year prior.  It also offers key insights into the who’s scanning and what is being scanned most. The data collected spans the two weeks surrounding Black Friday - when scan rates accelerate the most. Key takeaways include:
  • One million more scans than last year
  • 2D barcode scanning increased 71%
  • Users scanned nearly 3 times , supporting the fact that people are scanning on multiple occasions
  • Ages 25-44 made up the majority of users scanning at 49%
In addition, the dramatic rise in 2D barcodes compared to 1D clearly shows that marketers are looking for more control in their mobile strategies.  Flexibility to customizing the barcode experience is now preferred by brands. For the "Top 5 Most Liked QR Codes" stat, it is interesting to note that each of the brands offered consumers a mobile-optimized experience – one that provided real value, whether a discount, video teaser or buyer’s guide. This underlines the fact that consumers prefer mobile sites over PC sites when scanning barcodes. It also reinforces that consumers want significance in what they scan. Click the image below to magnify the report.  You may also download a printable version by clicking here.

THANK YOU to all the dedicated shopping fans! Happy Scanning!

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