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Helping Marketers Deliver Mobile Engagement with QR Codes on Steroids

by Ben B.
At Scanbuy, we like to push boundaries, break moulds, go the extra mile… you get the gist. True to our philosophy, we are all about innovating how marketers and brands execute mobile campaigns and consumer engagement. ScanLife QR Codes are capable of an ever widening range of actions (mobile pages, video, call, SMS, tweet, e-mail, browser session, and much, much more). We’ve pioneered the development of dynamic QR Codes (i.e. QR Codes that deliver content based on language, time, OS and more); And it's all complemented with the most advanced suite of mobile engagement analytics we’ve delivered to date. Today, we’re taking it one step further. On the ScanLife platform, customers can create a code action and get a shortened URL in addition to the QR Code. Sounds trivial? Think again. You’ll be able to use this URL to activate your NFC campaign, a mobile banner, and anything linking to anything mobile. In other words, with any mobile campaign you’ll now be able to …
  1. Create all sorts of actions: scan or hover or click here to find out more, to collect points, to subscribe, to download an app, tweet, vote, call, SMS, email, etc.
  2. Create mobile landing pages in minutes and change the content or action at any moment
  3. Automatically adapt the content according to device type, language settings, etc.
  4. Get all the analytics and consumer insights you can dream of
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