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The Best QR Code Campaigns of 2013—So Far!

by Ben B.
Last year, we were treated to a number of exciting and innovative QR Code campaigns, from Coca Cola and Budweiser to Proctor & Gamble and Axe.  Now that we’re nearing the halfway mark for 2013, let’s take a look at this year’s brightest and best QR Code campaigns.  They’re sure to inspire some out-of-the-box ideas for the remainder of 2013! Brand: Gillette Industry: Retail Gillette Gillette sharpened its advertising focus by promoting a hot new line of razors with a QR Code campaign powered by ScanLife.  The print promotion featured codes that connected users to items of value, such as videos, product reviews and the ability to buy merchandise right from a phone.  Specific code content aligned with three different ads featured in the dynamic campaign.  Most importantly, Gillette followed many of the best practices we like to preach here at ScanLife—strong call to action, mobilized content and effective code placement.  Oh yeah, we’ll admit that the models in the ads may have helped a bit, too.  Well done, Gillette! Watch the video here. Brand: Bed Bath & Beyond Industry: Health & Beauty

Bed Bath & Beyond screenshot

Bed Bath & Beyond emphasized its m-commerce strategy by deploying QR Codes that encouraged consumers to buy products straight from their smartphones. Taking creative marketing a step beyond, the company used innovative print ads to allow users to watch video demos, find the nearest store location, and be among the first to view the brand’s new line of modular units and accessories. Like Gillette, Bed Bath & Beyond demonstrated an effective use of CTA (call to action), which was critical to the campaign’s success.  Discover more here. Brand: Red Robin Industry: Restaurant Red Robin campaign screenshot Looking for a creative way to get feedback, Red Robin issued an intriguing QR Code flyer along with each customer’s bill. When scanned, the code took customers to a mobile-formatted landing page where they were asked to complete a short survey about their experience. Once submitted, each customer was automatically entered to win $1,000 prize, given out daily. The campaign exhibited a strong incentive for customers to scan, providing a useful way for the company to gain valuable insights and sharpen its strategy.  Find out more here. Brand: McDonalds Industry: Quick Serve Restaurant

McDonalds QR Code campaign

McDonalds launched a QR campaign to drive awareness about its products’ nutritional and diet information, giving the company a creative competitive edge. The fast food giant placed colored QR Codes on all carry-out bags and cups, satisfying customers’ hunger for facts about specific meals and beverages.   The mobile-friendly content made it fun and easy for health-conscious consumers to learn about food and nutrition with a single scan. Read more here. Company: Mercedes Benz Industry: Automotive Mercedes Car QR Codes can help save lives? You bet! Mercedes launched an innovative use case, giving rescue personnel access to a web page via QR Codes that provided crucial information for emergency services. The page included the location of car airbags, batteries, tanks and other components. Mercedes drove the campaign even farther, tailoring the content for each code with its corresponding vehicle.  Kudos to Mercedes for this ground-breaking example of how QR Codes can be used to make our lives easier—and safer! Learn more here. Feeling inspired? So are we. If you come across a unique campaign that wasn’t included, please tell us about it in the comment section. To participate in a discussion about how to better leverage mobile engagement, join our Linkedin group "Exchanging Smarter Ideas on Mobile Engagement", check out our website, or simply contact us. Contact a ScanLife Expert Develop Your QR Code Campaign If you feel inspired, develop your QR code campaign. These campaigns are wildly successful and can create buzz necessary to generate more visibility and sales. Find out how to launch your QR code campaign to have a more successful marketing campaign. Who knows? You may have one of the best QR code campaigns in 2014

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