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Report Shows Scanbuy Processed Over 21 Million Mobile Barcode Scans in Q2 2013

New York, NY – Aug. 1, 2013 – Scanbuy, Inc., the world’s leading mobile engagement solutions provider, today released its quarterly trend report showing that it processed over 21 million of the estimated 105 million total commercial QR Code and UPC mobile barcode scanning traffic in Q2 2013.

“Our Q2 2013 Mobile Barcode Trend Report provides the inside scoop on who’s scanning, what attracts them, and why these connections are revolutionizing the way major brands and retailers are engaging their customers with a managed code platform like ScanLife,” said Mike Wehrs, CEO and president of Scanbuy. “QR Codes, the most popular 2D barcode format, are a common sight in the worldwide market with scanning activity continuing to grow, especially among value shoppers. In fact, statistics show that users scan over three times per month on average—that’s up 22 percent from this time last year. And tablet scanning increased a whopping 1,300 percent in the same time period.”

Scanbuy’s Q2 2013 Trend Report highlights the following statistics:

- Four million new ScanLife users in Q2

- 60% of scans came from the Android OS compared to 37% on Apple iOS devices

- More men scan mobile barcodes, accounting for 64% of the scans, with women accounting for 36% of the scans

- AT&T, Burger King, Red Robin and Dole were the most “Liked” brands according to data from the ScanLife mobile app

- The United States ranks highest in volume of scans, followed by Spain, France and Brazil, respectively

In the study, Scanbuy analyzed thousands of scans that were generated from the ScanLife app or the ScanLife Mobile Engagement Platform. The traffic analysis was performed on all ScanLife processed user activities providing a detailed view across numerous verticals and geographies. (Note: The ScanLife platform supports NFC and other input trigger technologies as well. Those were not included in this report.)

To access the full Mobile Trend Report infographic click here:

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