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Innovative Uses of QR Codes – QR Codes Done Right

by david
When innovation happens, it's exciting. When innovation is put to good use, it's inspiring. QR Codes are really a means to an end, so when executed with a specific strategy in mind, they can really achieve some amazing results.  These 10 companies have used QR Codes to do truly amazing things. Click each link to learn more: 1. Edible QR Codes for a Cause A San Diego sushi restaurant started placing edible QR Code made out of rice paper on their menu items. The codes generated buzz for the restaurant and support for sustainable fishing practices.
QR Code Sushi
2. QR Codes Fight Crime QR Codes to stop fraud. Using wine manufacturing as an example, one expert points out that having unique QR Codes on each bottle would allow producers and law enforcement to immediately pinpoint any fakes. 3. QR Codes Assure Customers The International Gemological Institute now creates QR Codes for every piece of jewelry they certify. This allows shoppers to get a full report on a gem instantly, rather than waiting for a hard copy to come in. 4. A Library Made of QR Codes Rather than erecting a new library, an Austrian city chose to get a QR Code generator and put the library around town. The codes are placed in interesting locations and lead to online versions of public domain works. 5. QR Codes Lead to Healthy Decisions An activist group wanted to get more people walking in their city, so they created signs with walking times to nearby landmarks. The signs include QR Codes that give simple directions to the location. 6. QR Codes from Space A Texas PR firm has begun advertising with massive QR Codes on rooftops. The codes are easily seen on Google Earth and other satellite mapping programs. 7. QR Codes Save Lives Mercedes-Benz will begin using QR Codes to help rescue personnel know where to cut into wrecked cars. The codes will deliver specific and up to date information on that model saving precious time in emergency situations.
Mercedes QR Code
8. QR Codes Change the Way You Clock In (VIDEO) The TimeStation app uses QR Codes to let employees clock in and clock out with a personalized QR Code.  No other hardware needed! 9. QR Codes Save You Headache Briggs and Straton has begun labeling their engines with QR Codes. Never again will you be frantically searching for the operation manual in a sticky situation. 10. QR Codes...on Pajamas? File this one under "weird." These onesies are covered in codes that lead to bedtime stories. It's odd, but maybe you never need to pack another book for those long trips – plus new books can be “published” any time. It's amazing what a QR Code creator and human brain can accomplish. We hope these examples inspire you to take your brand's mobile engagement to the next level. Feel free to contact us at if you'd like to learn more about the ways ScanLife can make it happen.  

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