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Designer QR Codes Take Your Brand to New Heights

by maryann
Have you ever poured thousands of dollars into creating a snazzy, full-color marketing flyer, one that's often already out of date minutes after it's in market? Even when the brochure has a longer shelf life, can shoppers find it when they need information about your company—or is it lost in a pile of papers on their kitchen counter? When you incorporate QR Codes into your marketing plan, your message will be more relevant because you can adjust it in real-time, as your business strategy evolves. Shoppers can use QR Codes to get the information they need—by simply scanning a code to access an app, website, or game. These codes provide a direct link to your customers that is not easily dropped, lost or thrown away, allowing them to interact with all aspects of the brand. And you won’t have to worry about shoppers misplacing your flyers and brochures, because your information travels with them, on products, building walls, signs, and more. Best of all, you can use a custom branded QR Code to deliver relevant messages that reinforce your brand.  Whether you are marketing a product or promoting a game, a custom campaign can dramatically impact the user experience by making the engagement easy, relevant, and fun.  How so? Here are two interesting ideas to consider:
  • Product Marketing:  Codes don’t have to look like a jumble of mysterious symbols. You’ll reinforce your brand when you design QR Codes that resemble part of your company's logo or an image related to the marketing campaign (see for example a custom branded QR Code designed for the latest Spider-Man movie). And, you have the flexibility to customize each product with a different code that can be scanned every day, week or month.
  • Gaming: QR Codes can take users into new worlds—both in and out of the game itself.  Inside the game, a player can scan the code to open a new world. When gamers enter the real world, QR Codes can deliver a host of real-life scavenger hunts by providing instant links to game-related webpages.  With QR Codes, a game designer has endless opportunities to create a more engaging and exciting experience.
So, get more from your marketing budget with designer campaigns that are engaging and flexible. Customize your campaign with a slick ScanLife designer QR Code—and open a new world of possibilities.

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