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Keep the Conversations - and the Conversions - Going

by Alex from London
These days, consumers are smartphone addicts. As a mobile marketer, that might just be great news for you. Shoppers who use a mobile device to learn about your product are typically showing strong interest at a given moment in time. Now, what if you could maintain a conversation with those same consumers and remain top of mind when they’re ready to convert? That’s where ScanLife mTargeting and retargeting comes into play.


This idea isn’t new. After all, the concept of retargeting consumers who’ve hit one of your touch points is old news in the desktop environment. However, in the context of mobile, there has been no easy way to stay engaged with these most valuable consumers. Until now. ScanLife has designed a solution that makes it easy for you to tap the shoulders of consumers who have already begun nodding their heads about their favorite products or services, those that have personally requested to hear from you.  We call it mTargeting. How It Works: The great news is that mTargeting is available to existing ScanLife Platform users, and even mobile marketers that aren’t ScanLife Platform users! 1. First, if you are a ScanLife Platform user, create your Short URLs, NFC Tags or QR Codes. Display them on product packaging, print materials or other media to provide information, link to m-commerce sites, facilitate conversions and collect consumer insights.

2. Next, review the consumer insights with your ScanLife account manager.  The information generated through the mobile interactions will help you understand who engaged with your content, where the connections took place and when they were most relevant. Our detailed analytics provide countless variables that allow you to identify which consumers to re-engage with as you set up your mTargeting campaign.

3. Determine the type of campaign that you want to execute , whether back to school deals, a year-end special or an incentive to download your app. 4. Throughout the process, your ScanLife account manager will advise you on best practices to maximize ROI.  You’ll know the best way to segment, target and time your push notifications, as well as the ideal duration and content for your unique campaign. These insights will save you time and money in launching a well-planned promotion. 5. Voilà! Your part is done. We’ll set up the campaign and provide detailed reports on pre-agreed dates. Your customers are talking. Get more from the conversation with mTargeting. For expert advice on mobile customer engagement, please visit  or email us at

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