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Turn Customer Engagement Into a Long-Term Relationship

by maryann
With the ScanLife app, an engagement is no accident. Engagement is action. It’s when a customer makes a move, such as choosing a product, asking a question, launching an app or retrieving a coupon. With ScanLife, engagements are unique, because they’re based on purpose-driven, two-way conversations. Millions of consumers use the ScanLife app to match them with the products and services that interest them most. They don’t stumble upon an offer or accidentally click a banner ad while searching the web. They opt in, to express their interest in something of value. The shopping journey provides keys to stronger engagements. Effective mobile marketing involves more than merely identifying interested prospects. The ScanLife app allows you to get more from engagements by capturing and using behavioral data learned along the mobile shopping journey. This occurs as consumers are researching options, making decisions, interacting with products and services, and sharing their experiences with friends. Each stage offers a variety of high-impact moments for engagement. Every time a user scans a code, the ScanLife app records meaningful data, such as:big_data_targeting
  • Location, date and time of engagement
  • Age, gender and language of user
  • OS of device used
  • Preferred product categories and offers accessed
Embrace insights to create value. You can use this data to send promotions and updates that are both valuable and relevant. The customer controls when and how many notifications to receive, and you get added insights to personalize the information you send in exactly the right format.  You can even gain insights about act-alike/look-alike prospects who exhibit traits that “look like” your perfect customer—even though they haven’t yet interacted with your brand. Through personalization, we give you a razor sharp target—your most suitable buyer—leading to stronger customer loyalty and greater revenue opportunities.
  • Engage consumers at the high-value moments of the shopper journey–in person, online and via mobile.
  • Deliver dynamic content that is personalized for each customer.
  • Explore your mobile consumer data. It is unique and valuable.
  • Use collected data insights to retarget consumers with personalized offers.
  • Integrate mobile data insights into your central database to enhance existing marketing efforts.

Where will insights take you? We invite you to discover how the ScanLife app can help you turn simple engagements into meaningful two-way experiences.


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