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Manage the Surprises You Deliver to Consumers

by maryann
Mobile engagement has become one of the most effective ways to create relevant, long-term connections with customers. Every day, brands, agencies and marketers deploy mobile triggers to inform, entertain—and even surprise their customers. Yet, unless their mobile relationship strategies are driven by a managed platform, they could be delivering the wrong kind of surprises. Case in point: A Heinz customer recently received the surprise of his life when he innocently scanned a QR Code for a contest and found himself on a website that had nothing to do with ketchup and mustard. As it turned out, the code had long expired and it led him to a domain that had been picked up by an adult content company. It’s easy to avoid this kind of scenario when you manage your mobile relationships with a platform like ScanLife. Our managed platform provides the tools, support and protection you need to offer an exceptional customer experience from start to finish—even after your code campaign expires. The shelf life of a product usually lasts longer than a campaign, so using a managed platform ensures that the code is redirected to a new company-approved URL for the life of the product. That means you can provide plenty of great surprises for your customers, such as money-saving offers, contests, how-to videos, recipes and so much more—at the very moment they are needed. To learn more about the benefits of ScanLife’s managed Mobile Engagement Platform, please give us a call or take a test drive of your own. Trust your brand to the world leader in mobile relationship management and deliver experiences that create value.

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