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5 Brands Innovating with Content & Engagement

by Erika Vasquez

In the past year we all had the chance to explore the digital world in more depth. Contact-less is becoming our new normal, and QR Codes once again, rise to the occasion to save us from dirty surfaces. These small black and white boxes are helping us (marketers) deliver everything from menu pages, product information, and sustainability efforts to contests and a lot more.

We want to highlight 5 customers who have disrupted the marketing world by delivering interesting content, through different creative channels. In no order of preference here are some favorites:

Pepsi: It is no surprise the annual Pepsi half time show during the Super Bowl gets better every year, and this year’s performance by The Weeknd was no exception. However, Pepsi was faced with the challenge on how to engage 96.4 million viewers through their TV screens and keep them curious enough to come back for more.

Pepsi released a limited time soda can with a QR code front and center. The QR Code engaged customers by delivering behind the scenes footage of how the first-of-its-kind stage came to life, backstage pass to exclusive content with The Weeknd, and more information on his new project The Highlights. Scan the code below to experience the half time show like never before.

Kellogg: “Keep it simple, Keep it K” is Kellogg’s initiative to help customers stay informed and motivated. With a visually striking multi-purpose QR Code placed on the back of their cereal boxes they deliver video stories, offers, and more.

Their stories go beyond nutrition, they spark curiosity on their consumers by sharing “How-to’s” on reorganizing your home, being creative, and essential oils for sleep. Their offers tab displays coupons you can use right at the cash register! They are revolutionizing customer engagement. Here is how they keep their customer engage and coming back for more – scan the code below to experience it.

Ferrero Canada: Need inspiration in the kitchen? Nutella has you covered. Their personalized content is informative, fun and delicious. Through SmartLabel, Nutella has the opportunity to deliver detailed product information, on-going sustainability efforts, and lots more. Holding both, RSPO certification for sustainable palm oil and Rainforest Alliance certification for their cocoa, their product quality and ingredients are what the brand is most proud of, and these are also available through their SmartLabel pages.

The QR Code on the back of their products also offer recipes in both English and French, helping transform your breakfast routine. Get inspired to “Wake up to WOW!” by scanning the code below, and others found on Nutella products in Canada (for now).

Burger King: The king of burgers is also the king of engagement. In case you missed it, Burger King was giving a FREE Whopper for simply watching tv. By placing QR codes on their commercials they unlocked content for millions of viewers and opened the door to Shoppable TV. Their strategy worked so well; customer engagement increased by thousands as well as their app downloads.

Offering tasty discounts, the ability to re-order, and save your offers all in one place. The content doesn’t stop there, they also share nutrition facts, and Royal Perks at your fingertips all through one QR Code scan. Experience the royal treatment for yourself, scan the code below for more fun content.

PATH: PATH Water is not only making a splash in the water industry, but they are also making a splash in the product transparency world. The customed QR Codes on their bottles are innovative and beautifully designed. Using SmartLabel Menu pages they deliver product information, brand details, store locator, and a link to shop directly from their site.





Delivering key product information with limited space, while trying to keep your customer engaged doesn’t need to be hard. Stand out from the competition by delivering fun content in a creative way. Still unclear how, we can help! Contact us at to learn how to engage with your customers and spark their curiosity to keep coming back for more.

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