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Start Scanning, Start Saving!!

by david
ScanLife is happy to announce that it has added the ability to scan UPC barcodes for the top 3  Smartphone systems - Apple, Android, and BlackBerry!  So, next time you're in a store and want to see if you're getting a good deal, just open ScanLife and scan the barcode right on the product.  The app will automatically show you prices from a number of online retailers, and even show some reviews of what other people are saying. Of course, you can still use the app to scan 2D codes like QR, Datamatrix, and EZcode.  So now, all you need is one app for all your barcode scanning needs.  Excited?  We are! To scan UPC (or 1D codes), you will need a phone with an auto-focus camera which is becoming more and more common on newer phones.  Some examples included the iPhone 3GS, virtually any Android phone (DROID, Hero, etc) and a BlackBerry Tour, 9700 or Storm. More features, and more operating systems will be coming very soon... Here are some videos:

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