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QR Codes Utilized In Diverse Industries

by Irene George

In today’s world, technological advancements have allowed us to access information faster and in a more convenient manner than ever before. With 43% of the global population using smartphones, and that number projected to surpass 2 billion in the year 2016, there is no doubt that mobile has played a pivotal role in this transformation. On an everyday basis consumers connect to the digital world through their devices in a variety of different ways. One of these ways is through QR codes which…

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It’s Here: The ScanLife Mobile Trend Report for Q1

by Erick Solis

The latest edition of the ScanLife Mobile Trend Report is now available! The first quarter was an exciting time for mobile engagement as we processed 22 million engagements from consumers using their devices to enhance their shopping journey. As you see in the Q1 Trend Report, the family budget was a strong driver of engagement last quarter with value shopping coming in as the top area of interest from both iOS and Android users. Consumers from all over the world counted on their devices to…

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Why Mobile Couponing Explosion is for Real

by Agustin

Currently digital coupons are still very small and represent less than 3% of all coupons redeemed. However, the latest Juniper Research report predicts that by 2016 more than 90M Americans will have redeemed at least one digital coupon, and 45% of mobile device users will use mobile coupons. Is the mobile coupon explosion real?  Yes, and this time it is for good. There are several underlying reasons for this related to these silent but profound changes that are reshaping the way consumers…

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Mobile Engagement Trend Report: Holiday Shopping Edition 2014

by Erick Solis

The holiday 2014 edition of the Mobile Engagement Trend Report is finally here! This report offers insights on consumer shopping behavior while highlighting significant activity in high-tech and retail. We gathered data from the holiday season that vividly depicts the yearly growth of holiday mobile engagement. Consumers worldwide accessed bargains, product reviews, and other valuable information at record rates by scanning QR Codes, UPC, or engaging with other personalized offers.  Key…

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Tipping Point: Desktop to Mobile

by Chatay Sayin

It finally happened. The tipping point for Internet usage shifted from desktop to mobile in 2014 for the first time in US history. More than half of Internet traffic for giants like Facebook, Google, ESPN and many more came from mobile devices. This trend is bound to continue with the adaptation and accessibility of mobile devices. With the average consumer’s attention shifting from desktop to mobile, advertisers have to recalibrate their marketing strategies to not just include a mobile…

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Consumer Behavior and Preferences Infographic

by Erika P Vasquez

The ScanLife Consumer Behavior and Preferences Infographic has arrived! We surveyed more than 15K of ScanLife mobile app users to learn more about their mobile behavior and individual preferences.

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Apple Pay and What it Means to Omnichannel Marketing

by david

A company like Apple jumping into the mobile payments space is a great development for the entire mobile ecosystem.  While it does not mean that mobile is the new wallet overnight, there are some really amazing implications as it relates to commerce and specifically omnichannel strategies. First, a quick primer on the facts: Apple Pay allows anyone with an iTunes account (800M globally) to pay for goods or services, with in-app only purchases like game levels handled like they are today.…

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QR Codes Make a Difference in the Health Care Industry

by maryann

When it comes to health care, we all know that prevention, time and accuracy mean a lot.  The good news is that QR Codes and other mobile triggers can have a big impact in all three areas.  As the world’s largest mobile barcode processing company, Scanbuy is helping health care brands and providers use the technology in creative ways to deliver meaningful benefits.  A simple square of coded data can easily capture health records, list allergies, outline medication requirements or provide…

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What Do Consumers Love Scanning? It’s All Here in Our Latest Trend Report

by Ben B.

Every quarter, we release Trend Reports revealing the who, what and why of mobile scanning. The reports offer vital insights into barcode scanning behavior and display the type of value consumers get from it.

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Retail’s Next Big Trend: Mobile Payments

by Shantia Dobson

According to Business Insider, a mobile payment is defined as “the use of a phone or tablet to enable an in-store transaction, whether on the merchant or consumer side,” and it's becoming more convenient every day.

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